About Pro Painters Guide

Hello! Welcome to Pro Painters Guide

We are a team of professional painters and renowned artists who came together to inspire the world through painting!

The Pro Painter’s Guide is the brainchild of Paul Murray and Beryl Miller. It is an affiliate of our service websites – Paul Murray Paintings and Bery Miller Artistry. 

We founded this website to be the ultimate resource for DIYers, artists, painting armatures, and professional painters. At Pro Painters Guide, you’ll uncover in-depth guides and insights stemming from our practical experience in painting and artistry, which spans over 30 years.

We take great pride in our methodical strategy for sharing information. Each bit of content we offer is firmly grounded in first-hand knowledge based on practical experience and supported by extensive research. This unwavering dedication to truthfulness and authenticity distinguishes us as a reliable authority in painting and artistry.

Our Mission

We are committed to producing first-hand exceptional content that will inform, inspire, and educate all our readers at every level of their artistry and painting journey. We have well-researched buyer guides to help our readers make the best purchase decisions.

Our Fact-Checking Policy

We are committed to ensuring that all the articles we publish have information that is accurate and up to date. Our team of editors often traces back all the facts to their primary sources and includes links to the primary and secondary sources whenever possible.

We also update our articles and buyer guides to ensure our readers access the latest and most accurate information.

Who’s Behind Pro Painters Guide?

Paul Murray

Founder and Professional Painter

Paul is the founder of Pro Painters Guide and a seasoned painter and decorator. He has 40 years of experience painting interiors, exteriors, decks, wood, and remodeling homes. He’s taught painting and artistry at Tao Arts School. He also runs a very successful business, Paul Murray Paintings.

Beryl Miller

Co-founder and Artist

Beryl Miller is a co-founder of Pro Painters Guide and a renowned artist. Over the last 30 years, Beryl has remodeled homes, done carpentry, and made a living making production art pieces. She shares valuable information to help artists speak and inspire the world in their drawings.

Marc Heaton

Author and Painter

Marc is a professional painter and an established author. He earned his Master Painter Certification over two decades ago and has been a professional painter for the last 26 years. He is passionate about sharing valuable information to help DIYers, beginners, and professional painters complete their projects successfully.

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