Can You Spray Paint Artificial Flowers?


Last updated: April 5, 2023

Comprehensive guideline to spray painting artificial flowers and best paint to use.

We are all used to the fresh, multicolor flowers that add life and beauty to our indoor and outdoor living spaces. However, these natural beauties don’t last long. 

At some point, your vased flower will wither out, eventually prompting you to replace them with fresh ones occasionally. There’s also the risk of your beloved potted flower dying or succumbing to a pest attack. 

These problems can drive you to invest in something less stressful. That’s where artificial flowers become a great addition to your home, especially if you want something with little maintenance.

Artificial flowers are also great because you can have them in any color of your choice.

So, can you spray paint artificial flowers? Are there spray paints for artificial flowers?

In this post, we will focus on the intricacies of spray painting artificial flowers. 

Can You Spray Paint Artificial Flowers?

Yes, you can spray paint artificial flowers. Spray paints for artificial flowers, sometimes called floral spray paint, are available in different colors and textures to enable you to blend them to match a specific theme. Cleaning and maintaining them is relatively easy; you don’t have to worry about watering them or keeping pests out. 

Can You Use Regular Spray Paint on Artificial Flowers?

The spray paint you use on your artificial flowers depends on the type of artificial flowers you want to paint. Just as there are different types of spray paint, there are different types of artificial flowers. 

You can use regular paint on lightweight flowers, and even with these, you must test if the paint is compatible with them. 

Lightweight artificial flowers are typically made of sheer fabric, so regular paint would work just fine. Just ensure that whatever you do, you don’t damage the fabric or cause gradual discoloration.

Why Paint Artificial Flowers?

One good reason you should consider spray painting your artificial flowers is cost-effectiveness. 

If you prefer a specific color theme for your flowers, you can buy plain artificial flowers in bulk at an affordable price and spray paint once and for all, saving you the need to purchase new fresh ones every so often. Your perfectly painted flowers will look beautiful and unique for years. 

Another reason why it’s a good idea to spray paint your artificial flowers is that they’re reusable. 

For example, you could repaint green or tropical birthday flowers into a different shade and reuse them in a bridal shower or dinner house decorations. 

Of course, repainting might be slightly challenging, depending on the type of artificial flower spray paint you use. 

For example, a dark navy flower cannot be repainted to create a shade of pastel yellow unless you paint several layers to achieve that color. 

This may contradict the general rule of spray painting which should be done in thin layers for a smooth, even finish otherwise, it might turn out poorly. 

But even if you don’t repaint your artificial flowers, they can still be rearranged to fit into different decorative styles. Spray painting your artificial flowers has many possibilities for crafting unique decorative themes. 

What Kind of Spray Paint for Artificial Flowers?

Choosing the right spray paint is essential regardless of which type of artificial flowers you want to paint. 

Always bear in mind that some flowers have delicate petals that are easily damaged by spray paint, so you should only work with paint compatible with such delicate flowers. 

Next, think of the color theme you want to create. Not all paints have the same vibrant colors. For example, paint with brighter pigments will make a bolder statement compared to others. 

You also want to factor in the drying time for the paint because the last thing you want to deal with is wilted, drippy flowers with wet paint.  

These factors should help inform your decision when choosing the ideal spray paint for your artificial flowers. It’s best to stick to floral spray paint designed specifically for these flower types since the chances of harming delicate petals is almost zero. 

Floral spray paints are also available in different color options you can choose from, not to mention that they dry faster, so you can easily find one that meets your needs. 

A good example of such paint is Design Master floral spray paint which is very easy to use. And by easy, we mean you only have to shake the can, hold it about 6-8 inches away from the surface, and spray in even, consistent strokes. 

This type of paint should be applied in between several light coats or thin layers with adequate time between coats.

In addition, you can use Design Master Floral Spray Paint on just any surface and object. You can spray it on fresh flowers or artificial flowers, fabric, wood, ribbons, paper, and other materials.

Rustoleum spray paints also work well on artificial flowers, especially lightweight ones with sheet fabric. You should always read the instructions on the can before using any product on your flowers. 

If you’re unfamiliar with a product, go through the manufacturer’s guidelines to understand it better before using it because some spray paints are toxic and, if not used properly, can cause problems.  

How Do You Spray Paint Artificial Flowers?

Now that you know you can spray paint artificial flowers, you need to know how to do it to perfection. There are a few things you’ll need to get the job done. 

Things like artificial flowers (could be Faux flowers), spray paint in your preferred color or colors, a drop cloth or newspaper to help manage spills and avoid paint spillage on your floor tiles.

You’ll also need painter’s tape and a cardboard box though this is optional. Once ready, follow these steps to spray paint your artificial flowers.

Paint the First Layer

Start by spreading the newspaper or drop cloth on a flat surface outside and place the artificial flowers on it. Use the primary color first to cover the surface of the flower petals completely. 

Work slowly, adding a thin coat and allowing it to dry for 15-20 minutes before adding another. Once you’ve added the correct number of layers, leave the flowers to dry for 30 minutes,  flip it over, and repeat. 

Spray an Accent Layer

Leave the flowers to dry thoroughly on both sides before you add the accent layer of paint. Now take the second spray paint color and spritz it over the petals. The new color should give the flowers a more vibrant and highlighted look. 

Follow the same procedure for the first layer until you have sprayed every petal. Allow the flowers to dry to touch before moving them to another dry surface. This will ensure the petals don’t stick to the wet paint on the poster board. 

Once moved, leave your flowers outside to dry for about 2-3 hours. After your flowers are fully dry, place them in a beautiful vase to display your creativity.

Can You Spray Paint Artificial Flowers?

How Do You Spray Paint Artificial Silk Flowers

Artificial flowers can be made of various materials, the most common being silk and wood. Can you spray paint silk flowers, given that they’re primarily made of fabric? Absolutely. 

You can use various spray paint like acrylic paint. However, since acrylics are generally thick in texture, you can mix them with water to maintain the tender, pliable texture of silk flowers. Or you can use fabric dye to paint your silk flowers. 

This method involves submerging the flowers in a bowl of water mixed with the dye. Remove from the bowl and let the fabric dye dry out to highlight the petals with an accent color, then dip each petal in a dye plate with the second color until you achieve the best color outcome. 

Alternatively, you can still use spray paint on artificial silk flowers and, in this case, use floral spray paint like Design Master or Rustoleum.

How Do You Spray Paint Artificial Wood Flowers?

Can you spray paint artificial wood flowers? Yes, in a couple of ways. As with artificial silk flowers, you can spray paint or dye them. 

Wood flowers are generally made from neutral-colored tapioca root, a flexible material that can be painted into any color. 

Acrylic paint is recommended for such flowers since it’s available in different color shades and thick enough to penetrate the wooden material. 

Still, it’s best to mix acrylic paint with water in a bowl, dip the flowers in it, or use thin acrylic spray paint. Acrylic paints with metallic shine or sparkle would be ideal for creating a remarkable art statement. 

Another alternative to painting artificial wood flowers is to use a specialized dye explicitly designed for such flowers. The procedure for this dye is the same except that you’ll need to mix it with a wood flower softener to give the flowers a softer, pliable texture with a natural look. 

You can purchase several plain wood artificial flowers and redesign them into various color schemes in multiple projects.

How to Take Care of Painted Artificial Flowers?

Painted artificial flowers are a lovely addition to any room that brings out the beauty of a home. 

While they may appear delicate, a little care and maintenance is all that’s needed to keep them around for long. 

Here are some ways to take care of your painted artificial flowers.

  • Choose the Right Vase: A vase that’s slightly larger than the bouquet with a broader opening is preferable to give them room to spread out, support the stems, and hold the bloom steady. 

  • Protect against the elements: If your painted artificial flowers will be placed or used outdoors, you’ll need to protect them from the elements. Too much exposure to sunlight will cause them to fade or crack with time. That’s why you should treat your spray-painted artificial flowers with a UV protection spray to protect the leaves, blooms, stems, and other parts of your flowers from the excess heat of the summer months.

  • Clean the flowers regularly: Your artificial flowers will accumulate from time to time. To maintain their bright and vibrant look, you should clean them regularly with waterless solutions designed for fake flowers and safe to split on paint. A good example is  Design Master Silk Flower Cleaner, which effectively removes dirt and dust particles from silk flowers and plants. 

FAQS: Can You Spray Paint Artificial Flowers?

How Long Does it Take For Spray Paint to Dry on Artificial Plants?

A minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of one hour is enough for the paint to dry before you can add another coat when painting artificial flowers. Flip over the flowers and paint the other side. You could do this a few times to achieve the desired results depending on the type of flowers you’re working on. Finally, around three hours is enough for the flowers to be completely dry, depending on the spray paint used. 

What is the Best Spray Paint for Plastic Flowers?

The best spray paint for artificial flowers is Design Master spray paint, which is made specifically for flowers, leaves, and similar botanical products. Design Master spray paint provides a clear and consistent coverage with little to no overspray. Working with Design Masters is a worthy investment if you want to achieve a professional finish with your first attempt.

Can You Use Pod Podge Spray on Artificial Flowers?

Mod Podge is a general-purpose acrylic spray paint that you can use to protect your artificial flowers. It’s one of the most affordable spray paint that will give your flowers a vibrant look and maintain the same brightness for a long time. It’s also flexible, meaning you can apply it on the entire bouquet or just specific parts like the stems or petals to add a layer of protection.

Can You Use Krylon Spray Paint on Artificial Flowers?

Krylon floral ultra UV protection spray is the ultimate paint for bringing out the beauty of your artificial floral collection. This paint has a clear, non-yellowing finish that protects your silk flowers from harsh UV rays, such as discoloration. It also helps preserve your flower petals from dirt and dust and takes around two hours to dry to touch.

Content Summary – Spray Painting Artificial Flowers 

As a crafty person who loves artistic pieces, you may have experienced spray painting different objects and materials. 

Now you wonder if you can spray paint artificial flowers. While this is all possible, the prospect can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never tried it. 

But as we have seen from this article, not only is the process straightforward, but you also need very few materials and tools. 

All it takes is a modest budget for spray paint, artificial flowers, a few essentials, and proper planning, and you’re good to go. With the easy steps in this guide, a little patience is

 all you need as you go over them one by one until you achieve the perfect color. 

We guarantee you’ll love the outcome so much that you’ll want to spray paint your flowers for every decorative occasion.

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