Spray Paint For Fresh Flowers


Last updated: February 9, 2024

Transform your fresh flowers with these 4-best chosen spray paint for fresh flowers.

Sometimes, you find yourself working on flower arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres, but you are stuck with the wrong flower color. Floral spray paint can save the day.

You don’t need to run to the nearest local hardware store. There is specific spray paint for fresh and artificial flowers that can turn those fresh white roses pink or the blue hydrangeas purple. 

In this post, we expound more on floral spray paint, how to use it, and care tips for freshly painted flowers. Read on. 

Can You Spray Paint Fresh Flowers?

Sure, you can spray paint fresh flowers to give them a bolder and fresh look. Only floral spray paint is suited for painting flowers as it is gentle on delicate flower petals and non-toxic. Fresh flower spray paint leaves room for creativity as it provides more color options. Additionally, spray paint for fresh flowers preserves the flower’s integrity; hence, you get to display your beautiful flower arrangements much longer.

What is Floral Spray Paint?

Floral spray paint is special in the sense that it’s specifically designed for fresh flowers. Ordinary acrylic spray paint works perfectly on fake flowers. However, real flowers are delicate and break easily, so you should use floral spray paint instead. 

Floral spray paint is non-toxic, preserving the flower’s natural integrity. Additionally, it is available in vibrant colors, allowing room for creativity as you make your floral arrangements.  

What Kind of Spray Paint is Best for Fresh Flowers?

Due to the fragility of fresh flowers, it’s best to select the correct spray paint. The ideal spray paint for fresh flowers should possess the qualities below:

  • It is non-toxic to avoid damaging the flower petals.
  • Durable
  • Available in a beautiful array of colors
  • Quick drying

Can You Use Regular Spray Paint On Fresh Flowers?

Yes, you can. However, using the manufactured spray paint made just for fresh flowers is best. Unlike regular paint, fresh flower spray paint preserves the beauty of the flower for longer.

A coat of fresh flower spray paint seals the flower petals and reduces the rate of evaporation, preventing wilting. Just like , fresh flower spray paint comes in various colors, making room for creativity.    

How To Spray Paint Fresh Flowers

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to spray paint fresh flowers like a pro: 

What You’ll Need

  • Drop cloth or newspaper
  • Gloves
  • Fresh flowers
  • Spray paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Gloves 

Step 1: Prep Your Workspace

Spread a drop cloth or newspapers on your workspace to avoid making a mess. You can also opt to spray paint outside. If necessary, secure the flower to the surface using painter’s tape. Wear latex gloves to avoid direct contact with the spray paint.

Step 2: Spray Paint the Flowers  

There are four spraying techniques you can incorporate:

  • Misting: Shake the spray can thoroughly and hold the flower 15-18 inches from the nozzle. Gently spray as you turn the flower. Apply light coats if you achieve the desired color intensity. After you are done, shake the flowers gently to ensure a perfect blend. 
  • Tipping: This technique works best when you only intend to spray paint the tips of the petals. Carefully cut the petals together as if closing the flower. Shake the spray can and spray gently. Ensure only the tips get sprayed before letting go. 
  • Toning: Toning doesn’t change the natural color of the flower much. To tone your fresh flowers, use a darker or lighter shade. Shake the spray can and lightly cover up the imperfections on the petals. Using lighter coats makes it impossible to detect whether the flower is painted. 
  • Airbrushing: Airbrushing enables you to build up tones gradually till you cover the entire flower. Shake the can and hold it at least 20 inches from the flower. You’ll need to be patient to achieve the desired finish. 

Step 3: Let the Paint Dry

Allow the spray paint to dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid drying the paint in direct sunlight to slow the evaporation process. 

Spray Paint For Fresh Flowers

Best Spray Paint for Fresh Flowers

Below are some of the floral spray paints available in the market:

Design Master

PRODUCT QUALITY: Design Master produces high-quality floral spray paints compatible with fresh, dried, and silk flowers. The product is non-toxic to the flowers and the environment. Design Master has two lines of floral spray paint, COLORTOOL and Just FOR FLOWERS.

COLOR RANGE: These spray paints are available in several unique colors that don’t hide blossom details. 

You apply it to other surfaces like wood, ribbons, or containers.

DRYING TIME: It has an ultra-fast drying time, and you can handle the flowers in minutes.  

COST: Design Master is pocket-friendly and available in most online stores.

Spring Pro Florist 

PRODUCT QUALITY: Apart from allowing you to get creative, this product retains the natural appearance of the leaves and petals. These spray paints are non-toxic and odorless. It works perfectly on indoor and outdoor surfaces.  

COLOR RANGE: Spring Pro Florist has a palette of 54 colors you can use to create unique designs. The spray paint suits other surfaces like wood, metal, glass, stone, and paper.

DRYING TIME: It fast-drys and is durable.

COST: The product is economical.

Oasis Floral Products

PRODUCT QUALITY: Oasis Floral Products has different lines of floral spray paints like AQUA COLORS and EASY COLOUR. The spray paints are water-based and virtually odorless, thus suited for indoor use. The paint works well on succulents, fresh-cut flowers, plants, and decorative fruits.

COLOR RANGE: Oasis provides a wide coverage of colors to suit your needs. The spray paint also goes on other decorative accessories like pots, vases, wood, and baskets.

DRYING TIME: The product is fast-drying and provides high coverage.

COST: It is pocket-friendly.  

Flower Fresh

PRODUCT QUALITY: Spraying Flower Fresh is a product by Union Spray GmbH that helps keep flower petals and leaves fresh for longer. After spray painting, the flower arrangements remain dewy even on hot days.

COLOR RANGE: Flower Fresh spray is clear and odorless.

DRYING TIME: The product is fast-drying. Shake the can before evenly spraying the flowers at a distance of approximately 30 centimeters.

COST: Fresh Flowers is affordable and available at most online stores.

How to Care for Painted Fresh Flowers

Depending on the type of floral spray paint used at your wedding, some may last till after your honeymoon. With good care, painted flowers can last for days, weeks, or months. Here are tips on how to keep the painted flowers fresh:

Avoid Direct Sunlight 

Direct sunlight increases evaporation, causing the flower petals to lose water and wilt. Place your vase in spaces with access to light to enable the flower to open up slowly and beautifully.

Add Flower Food

Most florists are kind enough to pack your bouquet with some flower food. If not, you can always purchase yours from the local grocery store in the floral section.

Adding a little flower food keeps the bloom healthier and gorgeous for longer.   

Trim the Stems Often 

The stems are usually trimmed at an angle when you get your bouquet. It is best to keep up with the trimming every few days. Gardening shears or a sharp pair of scissors will get the job done. With every trim, cut off a quarter-inch off the stem’s bottom.

Trimming prevents clogging of the stem pores and bacterial build-up at the stem’s bottom.

Pick an Ideal Vase 

Choose a vase slightly larger than your bouquet and with a wider opening. Its larger size provides support to the flower stems, thus preventing drooping. Additionally, the stems absorb water and have enough room to branch out.

Add Room-Temperature Water to Your Vase 

Add room-temperature water to the vase. Hot water damages the stem pores, and the flower wilts, while cold water shocks them retarding the process of opening up.

To get room-temperature water, fetch tap water in a jug and allow it to sit out for an hour or so.   

FAQs: Spray Paint For Fresh Flowers

Below are researched answers to some of the commonly asked questions:

Does Spray Paint Damage Fresh Flowers?

Regular spray paint may overwhelm the flowers. However, floral spray paint is designed for fresh flowers. Floral spray paint is available in many colors, is non-toxic, quick drying, and gentle on the petals and leaves. Additionally, floral spray paint helps preserve fresh flowers longer than usual.

Can You Spray Paint Fresh Roses?

Yes. You can spray paint fresh roses to any color your creative imagination can concoct. Applying the different spray painting methods discussed earlier, it’s possible to spray different colors on the outer and inner parts of the rose. That said, spray-painted roses lose a day of life. 

Does Spray Paint Make the Flowers Last Longer?

That depends on your flower arrangement. When working on centerpieces, bridal bouquets, or corsages, spray paint will help the flowers appear fresh longer than expected since they have no access to water. Floral spray paint helps slow down evaporation from the flower petals. 

Is Spray Painting a Way of Preserving Fresh Flowers?

Absolutely. Because a coat of floral spray paint helps slow evaporation from the flower petals, extending their life. Flowers used in an event have no access to water; a coat of spray paint helps the petals and leaves retain their freshness till after the occasion.  

What Do You Spray on Fresh Flowers to Preserve Them?

It would help to use floral spray paint or hairspray on fresh flowers for longevity. Misting either of the products on fresh flowers and giving each ample drying time helps the bloom remain fresh for days or weeks. Both products are gentle and light, don’t overwhelm the flowers, and give the bouquet a glossy appearance.  

What Spray Paint Can I Use on Fresh Flowers?

When working with artificial flowers, ordinary acrylic spray paint works well. However, regular spray paint on fresh flowers reduces their life and ruins their natural beautiful details. Several floral spray paints are available in the market, like “Just For Flowers” by Design Masters, Flower Décor, and Spring Pro Florist.

What is the Best Way to Spray Paint Flowers?

There are four spray painting techniques to consider. Misting, airbrushing, tipping, and toning are the best ways to enhance your designs with floral spray paint. After selecting the technique, thoroughly prep your work area, shake the floral spray paint, and stand 6-8 inches from the flower. Apply thin coats and allow each to dry before adding others.  

Can You Use Hairspray to Preserve Fresh Flowers?

Yes. Hairspray is handy when you want to keep the stems upright and with flowers’ longevity. Trim the stems as needed then spray the flowers with a light coat of hairspray. Hang the flowers upside down and let the hairspray dry before putting them in the vase. Repeat the process often to keep the flowers fresh and healthy.  

Summary: Spray Paint For Fresh Flowers

It is flowers nature for flowers to wilt and die slowly over time. Apart from drying, the other best way to preserve fresh flowers is to coat them with paint. Painting the flowers with dye is tedious and time-consuming; you can only work on a few bouquets at a time. Spray painting is more efficient.  

Floral spray paint is specially made just for fresh flowers. Apply a thin coat of spray paint to reduce the flower’s evaporation rate. Floral spray paint is light, gentle, and doesn’t hide the flower’s natural details. The flower tends to soak in the color instead of the paint sitting on the petals and leaves. Additionally, it is quick-drying, and you can recoat with a couple of layers without forming streaks or color clumps.

By applying the right technique, floral spray paint allows you to paint your roses, lilies, dahlias, or peonies into colors even mother nature can’t provide. Also, you get to preserve your flowers longer.  

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