How to Get Spray Paint Off a Mirror


Last updated: March 23, 2023

Working with spray paint can sometimes be a little messy. …

How to get spray paint off a mirror

Working with spray paint can sometimes be a little messy. It’s normal to have stray spray paint spillages on nearby surfaces and objects, including mirrors. If you’ve experienced this, you could be wondering how to get spray paint off a mirror. 

Well, we might have a solution for saving your prized mirror from complete damage. From using vinegar to mineral spirits, wire wool, and even hairspray, we bring you 15 proven tips on getting rid of mirror spray paint quickly.  Take a look!

How to get spray paint off a mirror?

Nail polish remover and steel wool are effective and abrasive ways of removing spray paint from a mirror. Alternatively, you can quickly solve the problem with a WD-40, magic eraser, easy-off oven cleaner, some rubbing alcohol, and even vinegar, which easily breaks down the paint, allowing you to wipe it off with a cloth.

Can Spray Paint Damage My Mirror?

Typically spray paints cannot cause extreme damage to a mirror, although it can alter its quality slightly. 

The mirror is but a glass meaning it’s one of the most durable and versatile materials. The main challenge could be the method you use to get spray paint off of it. 

Glass being fragile as it is, should be handled with care, avoiding applying too much pressure when cleaning it and ensuring it doesn’t break. 

Otherwise, spray paints cannot leave stains on the mirror, nor does it cause breakage per se. 

That means you can choose from the many options in this guide and try the best way to get spray paint off a mirror, leaving it intact. 

If there’s one thing you should remember is that it’s easier to clean wet spray paint off the mirror than when it’s dry. 

So if you want an easy time removing spray paint from a mirror, try to clean it off while still wet or use water-based solutions like rubbing with alcohol and mineral spirits. 

With that said, here are the 15 practical tips for choosing from if you need to clean spray paint from your mirror. 

16 Easy Ways to Get The Spray Paint Off Mirror

1. Clean the Paint off Glass with Alcohol

One effective way of removing spray paint from mirror is by cleaning it off with rubbing alcohol. 

Rubbing alcohol evaporates faster, which is great for cleaning stubborn stains on delicate surfaces like glass and eyeglasses.  

You must apply rubbing alcohol and some water to a clean rag and wipe the affected surface until the paint comes off. 

2. Scrub with Fine Steel Wool

Contrary to the popular perception that using steel abrasive is tedious, scrubbing off offending paints with a fine wire wool pad and soap is much easier. 

Steel Wool pads are generally suitable for cleaning utensils but did you know you can use the same to clean your stained mirror? 

To do this, wet the steel wool pad, apply your favorite liquid cleaner, gently rub over the mirror, and then swab with a clean cloth. As easy as that. 

This is notably the quickest way to remove spray on your mirror with little effort. 

3. Try Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is a multipurpose cleaning agent whose usage isn’t limited to nail polish alone. 

This cleaning agent is what you need to get rid of stubborn spray on your fragile mirror surface. 

With this option, you must apply some nail polish remover on a piece of cloth and wipe off the spray. 

However, there are different types of nail polish removers, and some can cause discoloration on your mirror. You should start with a small area of your mirror and observe the results. 

If it doesn’t cause any damage, proceed with the rest of the mirror, taking care not to get it on the mirror frame. You can also use it to clean any stain on your skin. 

4. Apply Easy-Off Oven Cleaner

Your easy-off oven cleaner can be a multipurpose cleaning solution if need be. Use a damp cloth to apply the easy-off oven cleaner on the mirror surface covered with spray paints. 

Allow to sit for a few minutes until the paints soften. Wash off with warm soapy water to remove any residues, and buff out the entire surface with a clean cloth. 

5. Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a multipurpose household cleaning solution and one of the easiest methods for cleaning stubborn paints. And this method is a no-brainer. 

You just need to apply some cleaning vinegar on a piece of cloth, wipe the stained surface, and voila!  

We recommend cleaning vinegar since it’s much more effective than white vinegar. 

Next, rinse with clean water and use a paper towel to give it a gentle wipe; your mirror will be as good as new. 

6. Apply Paint Thinner

If you’re dealing with old paints that has stayed on your mirror surface for too long, using paint thinner is probably the best and most effective way of removing it. 

To do this, apply the paint thinner on a clean piece of cloth, and rub over the surface until the old paint softens and comes off. 

You can then wipe it with a piece of wet cloth or paper towel to remove any residues leaving it sparkling clean. 

7. Apply Sunnyside 2-Minute Remover

Again if you’re dealing with old stubborn spray paint, Sunnyside’s 2-minute remover can be a better alternative to paint thinner. 

Sunnyside 2-minute remover is one of the safest formulas free from Methylene chloride. 

You will need a soft brush to apply the remover on top of the dried paint. 

Once every stained surface has been treated with Sunnyside 2-minute remover, allow it to sit for at least 2 hours to soften the paint. 

After it becomes soft and loosened, gently scrape it off with a blade or plastic knife. Using a plastic knife is recommended to avoid damaging the mirror. 

Once all the paints have been scrapped off, soak a towel in warm water mixed with vinegar and wipe clean. Your mirror will be clear and spotless. 

8. Use a Scrapper

A thin scrapper can also remove stubborn paint stains from mirror surfaces. 

This item should be held at a 45-degree angle and used to scrape across the affected area as gently as possible to mitigate accidental damage.  

You should be careful not to press the scrapper too hard since that will cause permanent scratches on the mirror. After scraping off everything, wipe with a damp towel for a clear finish. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves while using scrappers.

9. Utilize Graffiti Remover

This option works best if you have an oversized mirror and want to complete the job faster. 

Graffiti removers are readily available in hardware and home improvement stores. This specific formula is ideal for removing graffiti and other unwanted spray paint on the mirror. 

With a clean piece of cloth, apply the remover on the affected areas and allow it to sit for the amount of time specified in the instructions. We recommend reading the instructions on the can before using this product. 

Next, soak a towel in water and wipe off for a clean finish. A Graffiti remover is an excellent way to remove the paints from large surfaces and lots of stubborn stains. 

10. Use Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits are an affordable petroleum distillate formula for dissolving paint. They are very ideal for getting spray paint from the mirror.

The only challenge, however, is that this solution only works with fresh paint stains, meaning you can use it for immediate cleanup after completing your spray painting job. 

Soak a cotton ball or towel in mineral spirits and apply thoroughly on the glass until the paint stains are entirely loosened up. 

You should scrub it off with a rug to remove everything, including residues. Once everything is out, wash off with warm soapy water and clean with a paper towel.

11. Magic Eraser or Melamine Sponge

A melamine sponge or magic eraser is another sure way of removing paint from your mirror you can give a try.

Simply wet up the sponge, then rub gently on the glass surface until all the stains have been removed. 

Fortunately, this method doesn’t require much scrubbing, so you can get the job done quickly, even if you’re working on large mirror surfaces. 

12. Hairspray

Hairspray can come in handy if you cannot access a magic eraser, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol. 

This solution is ideal for removing spray paint because it contains powerful ingredients that easily dissolve the paint particles. 

To use hairspray to remove paint off the mirror, spray the affected area and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. 

Repeat the process and wait another 30 minutes before you wipe the paint spots off with a piece of cloth. 

To ensure no residues are left on the surface, wash with soapy water and wipe with a clean, dry cloth or a paper towel. 

13. Use WD-40

WD-40 is more affordable if you don’t want to spend more on cleaning your mirror. 

Most of the products mentioned may be costly, but WD-40 is essential in most homes. 

For this option, apply WD-40 on a clean sponge or cloth and wipe the stained glass surface to remove the paints. 

Once you’ve removed all the paints, clean off any residues that may dry again on the surface, creating more problems. 

What makes WD-40 an easy option is that it’s a degreaser that can quickly dissolve this type of material, softening it and making it easy to clean up, using either a towel or a clean piece of cloth to wipe.

14. Make Use of a Sanitizer

We all know sanitizer is formulated to kill germs, viruses, etc. We also understand that what makes this cleaning agent effective is the high alcohol content which, as we saw in the first option, is an effective spray paint remover. 

Apply sanitizer on the stained glass surface and allow it to sit for several minutes until it dries. 

Apply more sanitizer after the first coat has dried on it. Repeat several times until the coat starts to soften, then wipe off with a piece of soft cloth. 

For a clean finish, wash away with soapy water and a sponge, then wipe again with a clean paper towel or piece of cloth. 

15. Use a Hairdryer

You can utilize your hairdryer if you don’t have any of the above-mentioned cleaning solutions and cannot access them within the shortest time possible. 

All you have to do is turn on the hair dryer, ensuring it’s on low heat. Position it close to the affected surface, taking care not to burn yourself or damage the glass. 

The paint will start to heat up, and you can use a piece of cloth to wipe it off or a plastic card and pry it away to remove the paint residues. 

16. Use a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is our last option on the list of ways to remove spray paint off mirror. This can only be used in extreme cases where there is a lot of spray paint on the mirror.

Just be sure to keep the pressure low if you don’t want to break your glass in the process. 

First, apply effective cleaning detergents or liquid soapy on the stained areas. Leave for a few minutes, then turn on the pressure washer to clean it all at once. 

How to Remove Spray Paint from Mirror Frame?

To remove paints that may have accidentally sprayed on a mirror frame, the best approach is to remove the mirror if possible. 

This way, you will mitigate potential damage to the mirror or accidental breakage to the glass. 

Otherwise, if that’s not possible, cover with tissue or pieces of paper and hold the edges in place with painter’s tape then start removing the paint from the mirror.

The next step is to apply a paint stripper, and while at it, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and usage directions. 

This way, you’ll know how the specific paint stripper is supposed to stay on the glass surface before you begin scraping off the paint and solvents. 

If the mirror frame has small nooks and crannies, a stiff-bristled brush covers those areas. The stiff-bristled brush is recommended instead of metal brushes or razor blade since they can damage some frame materials. 

Otherwise, it’s much safer to use an old toothbrush that you can dispose of once done. 

Sometimes you may need to repeat the above steps twice or thrice until the paint is completely gone. You can then clean the mirror frame using warm soapy water and a sponge or piece of soft cloth. 

Next, use a dry clean rag to soak away all the excess water and paint from the mirror frame. If your mirror frame is wooden, consider doing light sanding using fine-grit sandpaper for a brighter finish to complete the job.

What Kind of Paint is Hard to Clean from a Mirror?

Some water-based paints, like enamel craft paints and acrylic, are easy to clean off the mirror. You can use any methods covered here to clean your mirror easily. 

However, oil-based enamel paint can be challenging to remove on glass surfaces once dry. The same can be said of solvent-based paints, which take extra effort to clean and complex tools such as scrapers and and razor blade. 

Can You Use Acetone to Clean A Glass Mirror?

From the 15 tips in this guide, we saw that it’s so easy to use nail polish remover to remove spray paint from a mirror. 

However, if this option doesn’t work, you can use acetone as a more robust paint-removing solution. 

You can get the paint off the mirror and even the frame with acetone without creating permanent scratches on the surfaces. 

If you’d like to try this option, apply acetone on a soft cotton ball or piece of cloth. Rub the affected areas vigorously until the dried paint starts to come off. 

Keep rubbing and wiping consistently until no residues are left on the surface. If the paint proves too stubborn to remove, leave it for several minutes, then continue to rub and wipe until it’s fully dissolved. 

Pro tip: Acetone is a toxic paint-removing solution. Therefore if you’re allergic to such substances, you’ll want to take cautionary measures to stay safe. We recommend you wear gloves and a protective mask while handling these chemicals.

How to Protect a Mirror from Spray Paint 

Prevention is better than cure. Sometimes the only way to remove spray paint from a mirror is to avoid having paint spill on it in the first place. 

How about just moving the mirror elsewhere before starting your paint job? 

All you have to do is unhook the mirror and place it somewhere else safer. However, if this option is not possible, you can still protect the mirror from accidental paint spills. 

To do this, place large pieces of newspaper or roll paper on the center of the mirror and hold the edges around the frame using painter’s tape. 

With the mirror covered, you now want to employ extra care while spray painting. Use the paint specifically on the surfaces you want to paint, taking care to avoid accidental spills on untargeted objects like your mirror. 

FAQs – How to Get Spray Paint Off of a Mirror?

Can you remove dried spray paint?

Yes. Use a scrapper or plastic knife to scrape the dried paint off, then wash it with soapy water and a sponge. Alternatively, use a graffiti remover and vinegar and allow it to rest for some time before cleaning it off with a damp towel. While at it, remember to wear rubber gloves and face masks for safety reasons.

How do you get spray marks off a mirror?

Once you have removed spray paint spills from the mirror, there’s a high chance spray marks will be left on the surface. Fortunately, this can be wiped out with a piece of cotton ball dipped in vinegar or rubbing alcohol. 

What takes spray paint off glass?

Sunnyside 2-minute remover, white vinegar, sanitizer, mineral spirits, graffiti removers, wire wool pads, and nail polish removers are some of the substances and cleaning solutions you can use to take spray paint off glass.

Can you use a magic eraser paint off your mirror?

Yes. It’s one of the fastest ways to remove spray paint spills from a mirror surface. It can be used by applying it on the stained glass and rubbing it vigorously. It’s also ideal for large surfaces that would otherwise be tedious to clean. 

What removes dried spray paint?

The most effective solutions for dried spray paint are acetone, paint thinners, mineral spirits, and rubbing alcohol. You can also try Sunnyside’s 2-minute remover, which will give instant results. 

How do you get spray paint off a glass without scratching it?

Using various paint removing agents, cleaning formulas, and exercising extra caution. For example, some methods of removing spray paint from a mirror involve utilizing a scraper. Here ensure that you hold the scrapper at a 45-degree angle to prevent scratching. 

Does WD-40 remove overspray?

Yes. WD-40 is a cheap alternative to most paint-removing solutions like rubbing alcohol and mineral spirits. Using a piece of cloth or rag, you can use it to remove stubborn spray paint that may have spilled accidentally on your mirror or frame. 

Summary – What’s the Best Way to Get Spray Paint Off Mirror?

Once spray paint lands on glass surfaces, it dies quickly, and since it bonds well with glass, cleaning it can be a headache. 

That’s why even professional spray painters often wonder how to get spray paint off a mirror. 

By far, the best spray paint removal methods are using fine steel wool pads, nail polish remover, and magic eraser or melamine sponge. 

Other alternatives but effective methods are all listed here in this guide. We hope they’ll be helpful should you face such a problem while spray painting. 

Any of these tips can help you remove spray paint stains and make your spray painting less frustrating. Lastly, ensure you take safety measures such as wearing rubber gloves, nose masks, etc.

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