Can You Spray Paint Candles? Real and Practical Answers!


Last updated: May 2, 2023

Comprehensive Guide on Spray Painting Candles – Suitable for DIYers

Demonstrating spray painted candles to answer the question ' can you spray paint candles'

Can you spray paint candles? Spray painting candles to customize and create unique color designs is one of the latest crazes among spray painting enthusiasts.

In this blog, we discuss everything you need to know about this new trend in the spray painting industry – spray painting candles and how to spray paint candles.

We also address questions such as can you spray paint wax candles and can you spray paint flameless candles? Let’s dive in.

Can You Spray Paint Candles?

Yes, you can spray paint candles easily. You only need to determine the best spray paint for candles, pick the suitable candles of your choice and find a unique pattern or color design and you’re good to go. You must also ensure the candle you want to work with can withstand heat from spray paint, or the paint may melt with the candle and ignite a fire. 

Yes, to some extent, spray painting candles can be a risky business. It depends on the type of spray paint you use. 

In this case, regular paints are not recommended for use on candles because the ingredients are incompatible with candles, and since regular spray paints are generally toxic and harmful, they can cause explosions. 

The harmful substances will be released into the air as the candle burns, which could also pose health risks. 

This is why you should strictly use spray paints recommended for candle use only since they are made of safe materials that cannot cause a fire, suffocation, or possible health problems. 

We recommend using water-based latex spray paint on candles since they are generally safe and contain no toxic chemicals. 

What Paint is Safe on Candles?

If you’ve tried painting your candles with regular paint, you’d have noted that they release an unpleasant smell when the candle burns. These toxic fumes can cause suffocation and other undesirable outcomes, such as a shell of paint once the candle is burnt out. 

So can you spray paint a candle, and if so, what paint is safe to use? The ideal paint you use on candles should have the following characteristics:

It’s good to always check and scrutinize the product label when purchasing spray paint for use on candles. Paints that do not have the above characteristics should be avoided to lower the risk of causing a fire. 

How Do You Spray Paint Candles?

Knowing that you can spray paint is the first step. The next step is learning how to actually spray paint candles. Below are some easy steps you can follow. 

1. Pick the Ideal Color

What’s the ideal color you want to create on your candles? Or do you want to blend various colors to create a unique theme? These questions should inform your buying decision on what color to spray on your candles.

And just as we have mentioned, only buy paint specifically formulated to spray on candles. You should find these products at your local crafts store or order them online. 

2. Prepare Your Workspace

Getting everything you need in one place will make your work easier and hassle-free. With the right paint sourced, make your workspace conducive for this project. 

Get all the tools and equipment ready in one place and ensure the workspace has adequate air circulation to mitigate a build-up of spray paint fumes. 

If your workspace is indoors, keep all the doors and windows open throughout the spray painting process to allow ventilation. In addition, wear protective gear like goggles, gloves, overalls, and a respirator to keep the toxic fumes at bay.  

3. Prepare Your Candles 

The next step is to prepare your candles by cleaning all the dirt and dust and removing stickers and labels. 

Remember, spray paint, including candles, will not adhere to a dirty or grime-covered surface. Once this is taken care of, move to the actual task of spray painting your candles.

4. Spray Paint Your Candles 

Now onto the fun and last part. Hold the can about 10 inches from the candle you want to spray and spray gently in even strokes covering the entire surface. If painting multiple colors, allow each color to dry properly before applying the next. 

Once you’ve painted all the colors to a desired pattern and outcome, allow them to dry for at least 24 hours before lighting the candles. 

What Methods Can I Use to Spray Paint Candles?

Can you spray paint a candle holder? Absolutely. You can easily spray paint a candle holder to your desired color theme, as you would with your candles.

Only in this case, you can make the process more fun by doing it differently. For example, you can spray some paint on a paintbrush and gently brush it onto the candle holder. 

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before adding the next layer. Repeat this step as many times as necessary to get the perfect color blend on your finish. If this step seems tedious, apply the paint directly onto the candle. 

What is the Best Paint for Candles?

By far, acrylic and milk are the best spray paints on candles. These two types of paint are suitable for hobbyist and commercial spray painting. They’re recommended for use on candles because they are non-toxic and cause no adverse health effects when burnt. 

Acrylic and milk spray paints are also water-based and nonflammable. Their only disadvantage is they may not adhere correctly on the candle surface, but this is due to the smooth texture of candle wax as it is a non-porous material. This makes it difficult for coating products to stick appropriately. 

To ensure that you don’t encounter adhesion problems, mix these paints with a candle-painting medium to help the paint stick better on the surface. Such paints are best used on glass, candles, soaps, and metal. 

Also, since candle mediums are colorless, you don’t have to worry about altering the color of your sprayed candles. Otherwise, avoid using regular paints that are hazardous to your health and the environment. 

Will Spray Paint Stick To Candles?

Spray paint can stick on porous and non-porous surfaces. However, candles are made of wax which is largely nonporous material. 

Depending on the type of candle you have, your spray paint may stick perfectly as the candle wax absorbs the paint. If you encounter problems with adhesion, consider using a colorless candle painting medium to boost bonding.

Can you spray paint flameless candles?

Can you spray paint flameless candles? Yes, you can, and with just about any spray paint. We have highlighted the best spray paints for candles: acrylic and milk spray paints. 

We’ve also explained that regular spray paints may be unhealthy and generally toxic. However, if you must work with such paints, use them only on flameless candles, which you won’t burn but only use for decoration. With these, you can experiment with different spray paints on candles without worrying about respiratory discomfort or causing accidental fires.

Can You Use Crayons to Color Candles?

You should avoid using crayons unless you do it purely for decorative purposes. Crayons contain pigments like other coloring agents, which come in higher concentrations. 

In addition, pigments tend to disintegrate when exposed to heat because they’re insoluble, and that’s where your problems will begin. The nature of candles is that when they burn, a pool of melted wax settles at the top for the flame to keep it burning. If you use crayons as a coloring for your candles, the flame will cause the disintegration of the pigments. 

The result is your candle wick will be clogged, and this will, in turn, prevent the candle from burning correctly, resulting in poor-quality light with thick smoke. 

Can I Paint Birthday Candles?

Sure. Birthday candles can be painted like ordinary candles but with some considerations. For instance, it’s preferable to work with non-toxic paints or candles that do not contain paraffin. 

Acrylic paints remain the best spray paint for candles, including birthday candles, with watercolors being another excellent choice for birthday candles. 

Go for darker red-like color colors since they blend more perfectly on birthday candles. We also recommend using candle wax sealant on painted candles to harden them and keep the paint from coming off.  

But this is optional and should only be used for decorative purposes, as using the right spray paint on candles is enough. You don’t want to try too many ideas and burn your house down. 

Can You Spray Paint Candles?

Can I Paint Glass Candles?

Spray painting your glass candles is one great way of giving them a unique customized look, although there’s no such thing as glass candles. 

What you know as glass candles are actually small short candles that don’t require being put on a candle holder hence the term glass candles because they can stand on their own. The real name for glass candles is Votive candles. 

So the correct question should be, can I spray paint candle holders? Can I spray-paint votive candles? The answer is yes; painting the votive candle holder is one way of customizing it and other candles you’ll buy in the future. 

It’s much better to paint the votive candle holder than the candle itself since, given the candle’s short size, it’s much safer and prevents the paint from coming into contact with the candle, 

Ideally, you should work with paints designed for use on glass surfaces. When purchasing your paints, read the label to see if the glass is one of the materials it can be used on. 

How to Protect Spray Painted Candles?

After going through the tedious process of choosing the best candles and paints to work with and carefully spraying your candles, you want to protect your handiwork from damage. 

A better way to do that is to place the candles in a nice glass jar? It’s a safer way to ensure your candles aren’t knocked or damaged until they’re ready for use. 

Alternatively, use a clear sealant to protect your candles from chipping or fading. Be sure to use only products that are compatible with each other. In this case, use sealants compatible with spray paints and candles. 

Common Mistakes And How to Avoid Them When Spray Painting Candle

Spray paint is the best way to add a polished and elegant touch to your candles. But it’s also easy to make mistakes when working with candles. So which are the mistakes to avoid when spray painting candles? 

  1. Skimping on prep work: Preparation is critical, and if you want to avoid disappointment, so do not skimp on prep work, but follow each step to the letter. 

  2. Failing to read the instructions: If you want to get the job right, follow the instructions on the can. The instructions contain important information that will help you avoid disappointments.

  3. Mixing different paint types like enamel and acrylic: Consistency is vital when spraying candles. Make sure your spray paints have a similar component. If it’s enamel, work with enamel paints; if acrylic, work with acrylics. Otherwise, mixing lacquer and enamel paint can cause inconsistency and peeling.

  4. Not observing proper recoat times: Paint may look dry on the surface but may not be completely cured. Adding another layer too soon may cause the paint to wrinkle or smudge. Always leave enough time for each coat to dry.

  5. Trying to fix wet paint: Drips can occur, but you shouldn’t fix them before the paint dries, or you’ll worsen the situation. Wait for the paint to dry before fixing the paint drips, then carefully sand and repaint it.

FAQS: Can You Spray Paint Candles?

Is it okay to spray paint candles?

You can spray paint candles with a special candle painting medium mixed with acrylic paint of equal proportion. It’s a great way to decorate your candles with a new touch of color. However, avoid spray painting candles made with natural oil. 

Can you change the color of a candle?

If you want to dye your candles, you must cut the wax into small pieces and then melt it in a double boiler. Add your preferred dye, stir, and allow to rest for a few minutes, then pour the mixture into a candle mold, ensuring the wick is placed in the middle. Leave to dry for 24 hours. 

Will paint stick to candles?

Standard craft paints may stick poorly on candles. Using them means you’ll have to apply the paint on paper and then stick it on your candle. But this is not practical since the paper is flammable. The best approach is to use a paint formulated explicitly for candles. 

Can you spray paint wax candles?

Yes, you can, but you won’t be able to use the candle afterward. Spray paint contains butane and propane, two of the most toxic substances that are highly flammable. If you spray paint a wax candle, you can only use them for decorations and display; otherwise, you’ll burn your house down if you attempt to light the wick. 

Conclusion: Can You Spray Paint Candles?

One of the best ways to add a touch of color and beauty to your home is by spray painting your candles. So long as you work with suitable candles and spray paint, you’ll enjoy the final outcome. 

Most importantly, avoid using regular paints, which may hurt you health-wise since they’re not heat-friendly and unsuitable for candle use. Go for acrylic and milk spray paints designed for use on delicate surfaces like candles. 

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