Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint?


Last updated: May 31, 2023

Read through this professional guide to discover whether Dollar General sell spray paints and all you need to know before buying.

Does Dollar General sell spray paint

Dollar General stores are a great option for those looking for bargains and to get the most bang for their buck. The stores offer various products – they even have an art and craft supplies area. However, does Dollar General sell spray paint?

This post will address this question and others related to buying spray paint at the stores.

Does dollar general sell spray paint?

Yes, various spray paint options are available in these value stores. The spray paints available come in 8-ounces and 12-ounce cans. There are well-known spray paint brand options like Rustoleum and others. There are also lesser-known brands, such as Miracal spray paints. Miracal spray paints are only available at Dollar General stores. 

Is Dollar General a Good Place to Purchase Spray Paint?

A local Dollar General store can be a great option for spray paint buyers. You can find spray paint cans and other paint options at pocket-friendly prices at Dollar General. 

While they may have a small selection of brands on sale, they have enough variety of spray paints for shoppers.

Shoppers can also look at the paint options online before going to the stores to buy. This helps minimize time wastage as you will know beforehand whether the store has the specific paint you want to buy in stock.

You can also buy the spray paint online and have it delivered to your doorstep or pick-up location.

Purchasing spray paint at dollar general stores

As stated earlier, Dollar General stores do not have a wide range of spray paint options available. 

So what selection of brands is available at the stores?

  • What selection of spray paints is available in the store?

While the range of brands available might vary depending on the time and store location, some spray paint options are almost always available. 

The first is the in-house spray paint brand, Miracal. The Miracal Premium Spray options available at the Dollar General stores are enamel white, enamel black, and enamel blue.

The second selection option is the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paints. However, the most common stock of these paint variants is the black and white colors.

Apart from the above two brands, there are others that you may find in stores. We will discuss some of them later on.

There is also a good selection of acrylic paints in the store’s arts and crafts supplies section.

  • How old do you have to be to buy spray paints at Dollar General?

In the US, one must be above 18 years old to buy spray paint. This age restriction allows the government to prevent minors’ access to and misuse of spray paints. Some store locations even put the spray paint locked in cabinets along the hardware aisle.

Here are some reasons why this age restriction exists:

Fire hazard

Since spray paints are aerosol products, they can be highly flammable. If stored or used incorrectly, they can cause fires and explosions. This can lead to injuries, property damage, and sometimes deaths.

Adults are more likely to adhere to safety precautions when using spray paints than minors. This reduces the chances of fire hazards.

Inhalant abuse

When most people hear the phrase ‘inhalant abuse,’ they immediately think of glue. While that is the case, kids have been known to inhale spray paint fumes to achieve the same mind-altering effects. 

Since these paints contain volatile organic compounds and many other harmful chemicals, kids’ access to them must be prevented to avoid health problems. 

Examples of health problems from spray paint inhalation abuse include neurological damage, respiratory issues, etc.

Graffiti vandalism

One of the most common agents of graffiti vandalism today is spray paint. 

The age restrictions on purchasing spray paint are aimed at preventing minors from obtaining spray paint and thus reducing the occurrences of acts of illegal graffiti.

Note: When purchasing spray paint, the cashier at Dollar General may require you to show your ID. So, if you have a ‘baby face despite being over 18 years old, remember to carry your ID.

  • What is the cost of spray paint at Dollar General?

Like with other items, the cost is something that most people look at when purchasing spray paints.

While the cost of spray paint might vary from one store location to another, you can take the following as the average spray paint cost Dollar General:

  • The price for acrylic paints varies depending on the brand. However, you can find acrylics for as low as $1.50 for an 8-ounce can.

  • A 12-ounce can of the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch retails at around $3.50 (for both black and white)

  • Miracal Premium Enamel Spray Paint costs $1.50 for an 8-ounce can. 

The spray paint cost at Dollar General is lower than those at stores, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.

What Brands of Spray Paint Does Dollar General Sell?

Some types of paints and brands you can generally find in multiple Dollar General stores include:

1. Acrylic paint

Acrylic paints are very flexible and can be used for various projects. You can find different acrylic paint options at your local Dollar General store in the arts and crafts sections. If you do not, look for them in one of the interior aisles in the hardware section.

2. High-heat spray paint

This type of paint is used on the exterior surface of appliances that generate a lot of heat, e.g., an oven. 

These heavy-duty paints come with slightly bigger price tags than normal spray paints. However, they are not always in stock in all store locations. 

3. Rust-preventative spray paint

Depending on which store location you visit, you can find a small selection of rust-preventing spray paints.  These paints are great for keeping metal surfaces from rusting.

The Rust-Oleum is the most common brand in most store locations. In most stores, you will find the brand’s Painter’s Touch variant in black or white colors.

4. Frosted spray paint

These types of paints are an excellent option when you want to make a surface (e.g., glass) semi-transparent. They are especially useful for spray painting glass windows and doors. 

The only downside is that some Dollar General store locations are not always in stock.

5. Miracal spray paint

We have not seen this in-house Miracal spray paint brand anywhere apart from Dollar General stores. 

It is worth a try if you want an economical brand that can produce good finishes. A can goes for $1.5o, which is very affordable considering the quality finish it provides.

Does dollar general sell spray paint cheaper than Lowe’s?

Yes, the prices of spray paints at Dollar General stores are generally lower than at Lowe’s. Also, affordable spray paint brands like Miracal are specific to Dollar General.

Does Dollar General sell spray paint?

However, Lowe’s stores might have more spray paints than Dollar General Stores.

Does Dollar General Sell Rustoleum Spray Paint?

Dollar General stores sell Rustoleum paint. However, the selection of available paint options is less extensive. 

The Rustoleum Painter’s Touch is the most common variant available in most Dollar General store locations. Rustoleum spray paints are designed to be 2-in-1 Solutions, i.e., a primer and finish.

The paint comes in different finishes (including gloss and metallic) and colors (mostly black and white).

My Experience Buying Spray Paint at Dollar General

If you like DIY projects as much as I do, you know that some challenges arise when handling different projects. A good example is knowing how much paint is required for a surface you want to spray paint.

A while back, I was spray painting my young daughters’ room and ran out of paint before I could finish. Luckily, I remembered there is a Dollar General store in my neighborhood. So, I hopped in my car and headed to the store a few minutes away.

I first looked at the arts and crafts sections at the store and could only find acrylic and other decorative paints. As luck would have it, I asked one store attendant, and they directed me to where the spray paints were located – in the hardware aisles.

The options available were Rustoleum and Miracal. I bought a few cans of Miracal brand spray paint. 

The whole process, from walking into the store to checking out with my paint cans, lasted only 15 minutes and set me back 6 bucks (four 8-ounce cans of spray paint).

Any doubts about the Miracal spray paint (mainly due to how inexpensive the paint was) were extinguished after using it. The paint blended in well with the previous one I was using and dried quickly. 

Additionally, there were no cracks or peels afterward – while I think this is down to the quality of the paint, I would like to think that my spray-painting skills also helped with it!

FAQs – Does dollar general sell spray paint?

Which is the cheapest spray paint brand at dollar tree?

Just like with any other chain store, the cheapest spray paint brands at Dollar Tree are mostly acrylic paint. Most Dollar Tree stores carry spray paint bases you must mix separately before filling them in your spray gun. 

Can you buy paint at the dollar store?

Any Dollar General store sells spray paint. Anyone can purchase spray paint at Dollar General stores if they are over 18. The cashier might require you to show your ID to prove you are of legal age before you can buy spray paint. 

In most store locations, spray paint sale area sections or on one of the aisles in the hardware sections. 

Does dollar general sell black spray paint?

Yes, you can find black spray paint in Dollar General stores. Different brands are in stock, but the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch and Miracal Premium Enamel spray paints are the most common. The above paints come in both white and black color variants.

What color spray paint does dollar general sell?

You can buy different color spray paint at store locations near you. The most common colors at the stores are white and black. The stores usually have both colors for the Miracal Premium Enamel and Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paints. There is also a blue color for the Miracal spray paint.

Is the Miracal brand spray paint good?

The Miracal brand spray paints are economical and good. The paints come in 8-ounce cans and are available in 3 distinct finishes – metallic, premium, and gloss. Additionally, they come in various colors – blue, white, and black – giving customers multiple options to meet and match their needs.

Is Rustoleum paint available at dollar stores?

Rust-Oleum is one of the paint brands sold at Dollar General stores. A can of Rustoleum paint retails at $3.50. The variant in stock is the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch, which comes in black and white colors.

Does Dollar General Sell Krylon Spray Paint?

No, we found no Krylon spray paints in the Dollar General stores we visited. The most common brands are Rust-Oleum and Miracal spray paints. These brands can be good alternatives to Krylon spraint. However, if you are set on buying Krylon, you can find them in other chain stores such as Lowe’s.

Content Summary

Dollar General can be a good place to buy spray paints if you are in a pinch. This is especially true if you need basic colors like white, black, and blue. While the selections are less extensive than a paint store’s, you can find good brands such as Rust-Oleum. 

The Miracal spray paints are only available at Dollar General and are a good alternative if you are looking for other name brands.

The pricing is one of the most interesting things about purchasing spray paint in General Dollar stores. Dollar General sells spray paint at affordable prices compared to most other chain stores. A can of Miracal spray paint costs only $1.50, while Rust-Oleum goes for $3.50. 

So next time you are in a Dollar General store, look at the aisles in the hardware sections, and who knows, you might find the spray paint for your needs at a bargain!

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